Is semi rigid dryer duct safe?

Semi-rigid metal dryer ducts have smaller ridges that enable better airflow, with less lint buildup. It also has a better fire-withstanding capacity than other flexible ducts. Semi-rigid ducts seem to be universally accepted by building code officials and are also recommended by clothes dryer manufacturers on account of their increased safety factor. Semi-rigid metal dryer ducts are stiff and difficult to crush. They are robust and are suitable for a variety of applications. In comparison to plastic dryer ducts, these are the more safety option due to minimized flammability.

One of the causes of fire in dryers is the lint buildup, which is the result of vents and dryers not being cleaned out regularly, or even due to the use of an improper vent. Good vents, such as the semi rigid flexible ducts, allow dryer exhaust and lint to flow out easily. Poor vents trap lint and thereby cost time and money in the long run on account of proper lack of efficiency. Airflow is restricted, slowing from drying and forcing the dryer to drive energy bills.

Delta Duct Semi Rigid Flexible Duct fulfills UL 181 Class 0 standards and also has a zero-surface combustion profile (i.e. flame spread and smoke-developed). Delta Duct is manufactured in accordance with standards (NFPA 90A & 90B standard).

It is widely used in dryer, bathroom, or kitchen ventilation for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes because it is fire-resistant, non-combustible, lightweight, and has a high degree of flexibility. Delta Duct Semi Rigid Flexible Duct is comprised of aluminum foil with an interlocking seam that is extremely strong while enabling bending and compression forces to be exerted without leakage. These self-supporting semi-rigid ducts can be bent into place and yet still stay in place for heavy-duty applications.

Listed below are some of the applications of the Delta Duct semi rigid flexible duct:

  • Commercial, industrial, and residential applications for dryers, restrooms, and kitchen ventilation.
  • It has a high level of flexibility, enabling it to be connected to just about any required location with simplicity.

And here are some features of Delta Duct semi rigid flexible duct:

  • Parts 6 and 7 of BS 476 are flame retardants.
  • Thermal resistance to the extremes; non-combustible.
  • Low operational costs and a fully lined air delivery system.
  • Freight and storage costs are reduced with compressed ducting.
  • Interlocked crimp locking prevents leaks.
  • Flexible and suitable for applications requiring low to medium pressure.
  • Installation time is minimal.
  • It has a great degree of flexibility, allowing it to be linked to any desired position with ease.
  • There are no further supports required.
  • For easy installation, it’s semi-rigid but flexible.
  • Chemical resistance, fire resistance, and non-combustibility
  • UV radiation resistance is high.
  • It’s simple to transport and store.
  • Installation is simple and quick.
  • It’s airtight.
  • Energy-saving, low-cost operation, and maintenance.