What Are The Features Of A Good Fire Rated AC Duct System?

Fire rated ducts help in the prevention of fire and smoke in air conditioning units. They prevent a fire from spreading in the compartments of the unit. They help curb any possible future problems.

Delta Duct Air Conditioning specializes manufacturing in fire rated AC duct systems and coating. The DFRD system is coated and is designed to be suitable for ventilation fire ductwork, smoke exhaust ductwork, car park ventilation ductwork, kitchen exhaust ductwork and also pressurization ductwork. A notable feature of the DFRD system coating is that it can be used on galvanized / mild / stainless steel rectangular ductwork.

Some features and applications of Delta Duct fire rated ducts are given below. These features clearly show the superiority of their products over the others available in the market.

  • The DFRD system coating on ducts and their installation as per the technical specifications of the company show stability, integrity and insulation. This enhances the life of the ducts.
  • They have a finish that makes them look better than the other available alternatives.
  • They exhibit durability of design and performance.
  • The surface finish of these ducts is of high quality.
  • They are comparatively lighter in weight.
  • They are a cost-effective option for ducting.
  • They show resistance to water, impact, and ultraviolet rays. This makes them a better option than other kinds of ducts.
  • The main feature is these ducts provide fire resistance for 2 hours BS 476 part 24.
  • Delta ensures that the fire rated coating that it provides is of the highest quality. This always enhances the safety aspect of the fire rated ducts.

Based on the use and features of fire rated ducts, it is recommended to purchase it from a reliable company which would ensure that all features and certification. Delta Duct Air Conditioning is one of the leading fire rated ac duct coating manufacturers in the UAE. Delta has a team of highly qualified personnel who consistently work on the products, and give customized solutions to their clients.