Brief on Delta Fire Rated Ducts

Ducts that helps to prevent the spread of fire in an HVAC unit are called fire rated ducts. Any possible damage can be averted using these ducts, as they stop the spread of fire in the compartments.

Delta Duct Air Conditioning is one of the leading fire rated AC duct manufacturers in the UAE. It provides superior quality fire rated ducting systems that are made as per the high technical standards of the company (in sync with the international standards), that it sets for itself. It is specialized in manufacturing fire rated AC duct coating and accessories. Delta Duct is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 certified company.

Our fire rated ducts, have a coating that is specially designed for special fire-rated ducting systems. It is suited for applying over ducts fabricated of galvanized steel and also for those fabricated out of mild steel and stainless steel. The coating helps with the ducting systems for car park ventilation systems, kitchen exhaust ductwork, ventilation fire ductwork, smoke exhaust ductwork, and also pressurization ductwork.

Some of the features and applications of fire rated ductwork from Delta Duct.

  • Ducts coated with the DFRD system and installed as per their specifications will show stability, integrity and proper insulation.
  • These ducts provide fire resistance for 2 hours BS 476 part 24. This is a very crucial feature.
  • The ducts are durable and look aesthetically appealing. They come with a prime quality surface finish.
  • These coated ducts exhibit high resistance to impact, water and Ultra Violet rays.
  • Compared to other kinds of ducts, they are light in weight.
  • They turn out to be much more cost-effective when compared to other kinds of ducts.

Delta fire rated ducts is a reliable option for the safety and smooth functioning of HVAC units.

Delta Duct ensures that its products meet the most stringent standards of quality and service. They have a team of professionals who understands market requirements and provides customized solutions to their clients as per needs.