About EVA Foam Tapes from Delta Duct

Delta Duct adhesive tapes are popular for usage in HVAC-R applications. They are tested as per ASTM E84 standards. They are available in standard sizes and can also be made available in sizes as customized to the requirements of the clients.

One kind of adhesive tapes by Delta is the single-sided foam tape – the EVA Foam Tape. It is as per the EVA backing material, with a coating on one side. The coating has a strong solvent acrylic adhesive or hot melt adhesive. The EVA Foam Tape has a white / yellow silicon paper / glassine silicon paper as the release liner.

The EVA Foam Tape sticks well to irregular surfaces, it can be used to stick an auto mirror, a name plate, and also finds many uses in the automobile industry (as door sealing strips, pedal and metal boards, fixing the inner part of the glass curtain wall and soundproof wall, stick car decorations etc.).

Delta EVA Foam Tape has excellent adhesion, it is easy to peel leaving no adhesive residue. It is very useful for gasket sealing, cushioning, and mounting and insulation applications in various industrial uses like for HVAC, Glass Window & Door, RV and Marine, Lighting etc.

Given below are some more features of the Delta EVA Foam tape.

  • It is waterproof, holds well on different structures and surfaces (like metal, plastic, paper, wood, silicon and others) and is designed to have a good peel strength.
  • It is anti-shock, soundproof, and shows resistance to heat and humidity (this increases its usage for varied weather conditions).
  • Delta has designed its tapes in a way to make it easy to cut. Obviously, that makes it easy to use.

The thickness is about 3mm with initial tack 18. Its peel adhesion is 17 minute, and it has a Holding Power of 24 minutes. The Foam colour is Black. This carefully designed layering structure makes it a strong product to use.

Delta Duct always ensures good products that meet the stringent quality standards and technical aspects. Our team of technical and engineering experts ensure that our products and services meet the best in the market.