Our Business

Saudi Air Conditioning & Industrial Services Company consists of various product lines.  In order to maintain the focus required to constantly offer leading supplies and services, SAISCO has five broad verticals. They are 1) HVAC Equipment 2) MEP Supplies 3) Air Terminals 4) Contracting Services 5) Doors, Automation & Material Handling.

Within these verticals SAISCO provides impressive products and services for Saudi based customers. Some of the product and service offerings include those such as Air-handling units, Fan-coil units, Ducting, Compressors, Condensing Units, Adhesives, Coatings, Sealants, Automated Doors, Industrial Services, MEP services and many more.

On a general scale, SAISCO is committed to further growth through the development of human talent, the application of sound financial planning, leveraging technology, economies of scale and maintaining the highest levels of business ethics.

HVAC Equipment

SAISCO represents Trosten branded HVAC products. These products are designed and constructed to work most efficiently in the middle-eastern climate as well as to minimize the impact on the environment. Comprehensive solutions are offered for a healthier indoor environment. Please browse through to understand more.

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MEP Supplies

Leading air conditioning, refrigeration & plumbing brands are represented by SAISCO in the MEP supplies industry. Please browse through below to know more of our offerings.

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Air Terminals

SAISCO, is one of the most prominent providers of Air Terminals in KSA. The company’s primary principle is based on offering its customers high-quality, customized Air Terminals solution, all of which that are delivered to them on time.

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Contracting Services

SAISCO specializes in both Civil and MEP Contracting Services. Please see below for more information.

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Doors, Automation & Material Handling

The Doors & Automation unit specializes in various products within its doors inter-division of doors. These products are broken into four sections, including industrial, residential, commercial and special application. Please browse through to understand more.

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