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Delta-flex Flexible Duct

Delta-flex Flexible Duct is a very strong fully flexible compressible light weight air duct which is widely used in Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications. Delta-flex is extremely durable and will maintain dimensional stability when fully extended.

Delta-flex Flexible Duct is UL listed flexible duct according to UL 181 Class 1 standard. Also classified by Underwriters Laboratories INC, in accordance with ADC flexible duct performance and installation standards using ASTM C518. Delta-flex Flexible Duct has tested as per ASTM E84.


  • Delta-flex Flexible Duct complies with UAE Fire & Life Safety Code – 2018.
  • The insulation is DCL certified.
  • The insulation confirms with Dubai Green Building Code.
  • Diameter: 4” to 20”
  • Insulation Density: (16, 24, 32) kg/m3
  • Available Insulation Thickness: 25 mm
  • Length: 25 feet
  • Maximum Velocity: 5000 FPM (25.5 m/s)
  • Maximum Positive Pressure: 10” W.C. (2.5 KPa)
  • Maximum Negative Pressure: ½” W.C. (0.12 KPa)
  • Insulation R Value: 4.2 or 6 (F-hr/BTU)

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