Aluminium Sheets

Aluminium Cladding Sheets-Hindalco (Plain/Stucco)

Aluminium cladding sheets are manufactured as per ASTM B209M specification.

Aluminium is an increasingly popular choice for use in installations and buildings. It is corrosion-resistant in almost any kind of environment and extremely light with high strength-to-weight ratio. Even in highly corrosive industrial environments, it is resistant to fumes and vapours of organic compounds and to chemicals like ammonia, carbon dioxide and acids such as hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and sulphuric acid. Such corrosion resistance gives the metal a long life and keeps it looking good throughout its life.

The shine and brightness of aluminium livens its surroundings, and, because it doesn’t stain, discolour, or rot, it keeps its brightness and shine for a long time. Aluminium corrugated sheets can take a variety of finishes, colours, and textures, which protect them and further enhance their appearance.

Material will be supplied in the mill finish and shall be uniformed as designed by the requirement of this specification. Each sheet or coil shall be capable of being bent cold through a specified angle around a pin without cracking for the different alloys, tempers, and thickness.

  • Available thickness: 0.30mm to 1.2mm

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