Delta- Flanging System

Delta Flanging System

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  • Delta flanges are the easier and faster way to connect the transverse joint of rectangular ducts.
  • Permanently flexible non-drying, non-toxic sealant injected into the profile during the manufacturing process.
  • Available in 20mm, 30mm and 40mm.
  • Complying with HVAC specification DW144, SMANA standard.
  • Full range of accessories to suit all sizes of flange.
  • Manufactured with roll forming machine.
  • Manufactured from primer quality galvanized steel material with Z-275 or G-90 coating.
  • Suitable for HVAC specification Joint Rating up to J6 and pressure class A, B and C.

Design Specification:

All galvanized steel sheet ductworks shall be transverse jointed with proprietary factory fabricated slide on duct flange system including 20, 30 and 40 size duct flange, with matching corner, cleats and clamps.