Delta Fire Rated Ductwork System


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Fire Rated Duct work Providing 2 Hrs. Fire Resistance when tested to BS 476 Part 24 : 1987 Majority of deaths in fire situation are caused by smoke inhalation. Non-fire resisting ductwork system can be responsible for allowing the initial spread of fire between the compartments, and by allowing the rapid spread of smoke.

DFRD System is a coated duct work system, especially designed for fire rated duct works for Ventilation Fire Ductwork and Pressurization Ductwork.

DFRD System coating is suitable for the application over the galvanized steel rectangular duct work.


  • Galvanized Steel ducts manufactured as per Drawing 30, 31, 32, 33 & 34.
  • Ducts coated with DFRD system and installed as per installation instruction, will have stability, integrity and insulation as per BS 476 part 24 standard.
  • Provides fire resistance for 120 Minutes in accordance with BS476 part 24.
  • Durable and decorative finish.
  • Easy Application and clean up with water.
  • Coated Duct will have the excellent water resistance quality.
  • Coated Duct will have the excellent impact resistance quality.
  • Coated Duct will have the excellent UV resistance quality.

Test Result Standard and Criteria

The Duct has been subjected to the conditions indicated in to BS476 part 24: 1987 “Fire Test On building material and structures.Part 24. Method of determination of fire resistance of ventilation ducts” in order to verify the performace criteria stated in this standard for horizontal duct type A.